Transfer service at Split airport, Croatia

Difference with classic taxis

In the case of taxis, the price is calculated on the taximeter and the price depends on traffic at the route which is more or less direct… In the case of transfer reservation, the approach is reliable which is not the case with taxis or airport shuttles.

Airport Split Croatia

What is the cheapest taxi or transfer service?

Great question! It is necessary to compare what is comparable … A transfer in the economical sedan for 2 persons in an off-peak hour is not charged the same price as mini van for 8 persons loaded with luggage at the rush hours. In general, the taxi is cheaper over small distances with smooth traffic even if it depends greatly on the possible approach costs, and more expensive for longer distances, from the airport in rush hour, especially when there are traffic jams, and for groups of 4 people or more.

Transfer reservation

The reservation of your transfer in advance even if is canceled the 15-minute before or a few months before your arrival, you won’t be charged. In practice, it is preferable to book at least the day before for the safety, and availability of vehicles, especially for an early transfer to the ferry port or railway station. Once the reservation has been made, the driver will pick you up at the address indicated at you mentioned at booking. Provide your telephone number (mobile if possible) to avoid problems of misunderstanding. In the case of a shared shuttle, the driver makes several stops to pick other guests (normally no more than 3) and travel time is a little bit longer. In the case of a private service, the route is direct and therefore faster. Whether it is a taxi or a shuttle it is your responsibility to provide a sufficient margin for your flight in the event of traveling during busy hours. The journey time from Split airport to city center varies according to the hours: On average 20 to 30min.

Airport gates

Transfer from the airport

The reservation of your transfer must be made in advance, at least 24 hours before your arrival. Depending on whether you have select a private or shared transfer the procedure varies. Shared Transfer: This is the most financially attractive option for a single traveler or a couple. The shuttle will take you to one of the exit gates of your airport terminal (check that this information is on your reservation). You then travel with other clients. The driver makes several stops to drop passengers along the route. Private Transfer: The driver waits for you at the airport with a sign with your name. It then accompanies you to the car or van and drives you directly to your destination. It is the fastest and most comfortable but also the most expensive solution.

How to book a transfer?

The transfer service is available for reservation on this site. All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and are non-smoking. Shuttle service is provided at a fixed price: The fare is paid in advance and does not vary – The baggage does not increase your expenses.